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In order for E&P and oilfield service companies to extract the oil and gas needed to power the nation, they need the best frac sand solutions available to them. In the past, this meant seeking the frac sand from mines up north in states like Wisconsin and Illinois.

However, transporting frac sand from these states is economically-prohibitive. As such, oil and gas companies in prolific-producing regions like Texas and Oklahoma needed a regional solution that would enable them to transport the frac sand at a lower cost without sacrificing on quality.

This is where Vista Proppants and Logistics (VPROP) has made a major difference in these industries. Vista Proppants and Logistics is a leading in-basic provider of frac sand and logistics. The company is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and currently operates one mine, with two additional mines coming online in 2017. VPROP also has a vertically integrated logistics network of 11 transload terminals that are strategically located throughout Texas and Oklahoma, as well as 110 “last mile” transport vehicles to ensure its frac sand reaches the areas where they are needed.

Vista Proppants and Logistics offers the cost-advantages of a regional provider, and it is the largest supplier of frac sand mined in Texas. VPROP strategically located its mines near multiple railroads and sustainable water and power sources to provide a cost advantage over even other Texas frac sand providers. As a result, oil and gas companies can save big and improve their bottom line by using VPROP.

However, this would be a moot point if VPROP frac sand wasn’t comparable to the high-quality frac sand mined elsewhere in the country. Luckily, this is not a concern as Vista Proppants and Logistics frac sand is second to none. Marketed as “Texas Premium White,” its frac sand possesses the highest crush strength in all of Texas. The high-quality fine grade frac sand is available in 40/70, 100 mesh, and 200 mesh. “Texas Premium White” can be found the most active oil and gas regions in the United States, including the Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale, and SCOOP/STACK.

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